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PPC –Pay Per Click Marketing

Internet marketing is best technique when it is targeted at the right audience because this how you can reach the right people in the right manner. If your marketing goal is not directed towards the desired customers then it will just be a waste of time, money and effort. For that PPC becomes the right choice.

Pay Per Click is a marketing tool used to direct traffic to your websites in which advertisers pay the website owners upon clicking of the advertisement.   A well directed and targeted PPC campaign can give you highly filtered web traffic which will surely increase your conversion rate.

Ingenious Softtech is well-known Web Development Company. We also offer marketing services such as Internet marketing, E-mail Marketing, PPC-Pay Per Click Marketing service in Ahmedabad, India. At Ingenious Softtech, we understand the indication of PPC landscape and design finest PPC advertisement campaigns that benefit your business by increasing return on investment (ROI), revenue and reducing marketing cost.

According to client requirement we build a PPC Campaign, so that they can get maximum traffic to their website & increase in their business & brand’s visibility.

BENEFITS OF Pay Per Click :

Email marketing should be customized to your brand.

E-mail marketing is great for expanding the reach of your brand.

E-mail marketing is an effective tool that allows your business to engage and build relationships with your audience over time

E-mail marketing is applicable to so many different marketing goals and objectives. It also works for growing your business, launching a new product or service, promoting an event, offering a promotion, generating leads and attracting new customers.

Your subscriber also play a major role to drag traffic by forwarding mesmerize deals to their friends and build a new market.

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Pay Per Click Process:

♦ Keyword Research

♦ Ad Creation

♦ Landing Page Development

♦ Account Set Up

♦ Tracking Installation and Testing

♦ Campaign Launch

♦ Monitor Performance

♦ Campaign Assessment

♦ Analysis And Feedback

Why choose us for Pay Per Click Marketing

  • National exposure
  • Increase local visibility
  • Honest-to-goodness marketing
  • Small initial investment
  • Set your own budget
  • PPC advertising levels the playing field
  • Instant satisfaction
  • We offer 24 hour support
  • You get best service at competitive rates